Consultancy & Outsourcing


If you would like to ensure that your counselling service is running in a safe and effective way alongside best practice contact us to talk over what we offer. We will review your policies and protocols and ensure that best practice is embedded in the way your team works so as to maximise safe outcomes. Sensitively help you and your team to make any changes that might help to further improve the service provision you offer. From referrals and assessments to reviews, discharge and signposting we will work with you to see how you can implement or enhance best practice within your service. Contact wings if you would like an initial free consultation to talk over how we can help you.


Do you feel that the counselling provision you offer within your organisation might be more usefully, safely and efficiently provided by an outside organisation? Our group practice is comprised of a range of qualified experienced and flexible counsellors and mental health professionals who can help you provide a counselling package within your organisation. We work in an outcome focussed way to help the individuals we are helping to find the answer to their issues. We always work with gps and mental health teams when appropriate so as to minimise clinical risk to clients and organisations. Contact us if you are thinking about having an outside agency provide a counselling service within your organisation.