I'm OK, You're OK

You might have heard of Thomas Harris’ book ‘Staying OK’. Perhaps you may not know the authors name, but we often cite the sentiments of ‘I’m ok you’re ok’.

How much more more important are these statements when we think of a family and the members within it. A family unit functions well when each of its members are ‘ok’. But how often does it happen when all members of a family are ok at the same time?

Life is never that neat. Stresses, illness, redundancies, bereavements, being bullied at school, can often simultaneously affect a family.

If it feels that someone in your family is struggling and this is starting to affect other members of the family, then it might be that talking to someone outside the family system can help to make sense of what is going on.

At Wings we offer expert help through individual, couple and family counselling. We also have expert professionals who see children and adolescents and can deal with complex issues that someone on the autistic spectrum may struggle with.

If you would like to explore how Wings can help you or one of your family please submit a request via our contact page, call us on 01794 329278 or email us at info@wingscounselling.com to talk over whatever is troubling you and to perhaps think about booking an initial appointment.

Credit: Winchester Family Grapevine // Visit Website