All our psychological therapists are experienced and accredited within their own field of practice.

Initial assessment appointment to help determine the best way forward for you, 1 hour: £60. Prices may vary for appointments with our therapists in our satellite sites. Please click onto the area within which you are seeking a therapist.

Individual sessions, depending on complexity of issues: £60 – £80 per session. Couple sessions £75 – £90 11/2 hours.

We usually recommend about 6-12 individual sessions. For some therapies like CBT and CAT it is often usually between 8 – 16 sessions but could be longer but this is agreed in discussion with the yourself and according to your individual goals.

For our Group Workshops

Charges vary according to the activity or event.

1-day CPD events are usually from £85.

Client workshops vary from 20 for 2 hours to £95 for a full day or around £200 for a longer course.