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How often are my strings pulled by others

How often are my strings pulled by others?

Do you sometimes feel that you dance to others’ tunes? That you go through life like a robot just doing the things that are expected of you? You have probably been brought up in a household that has been generous in giving time to others but has not taught you how to say “no” when you feel overwhelmed and exhausted? Does saying “no” make you feel guilty or selfish?

You might even feel that your immediate family is suffering because you are unable to say “no” to requests at work or to friends who text and face book you. Often you may feel that you lurch from one job to the next obligation with what feels like someone else pulling your strings.

It may be that those around you do not realise how tired and even resentful you may be feeling. Is it you that responds to what is expected? Are your strings being pulled or do you allow others to pull your strings? Are you fearful of speaking up, finding it hard not to please others? Why do we give control to others to pull our strings?

If you feel that you have got into this spiral of continuously responding to others’ needs without being able to ask for your own needs and if this is resulting in feelings of depression or anxiety then perhaps arranging an appointment to see one of our experienced and supportive counsellors might be a first step.

Wings also offers a few affordable counselling spaces for anyone who is struggling but feels unable to afford the full price of our sessions.

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