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New Year New Year

New Year New Eyes!

Sidney Rosen in his book The Teaching Tales of Milton Erickson, talks about The Book of Secrets, Bhagwan Shree Rajnesh and how in it is described seeing with ‘new eyes ‘, He points out that we get into the habit of not seeing familiar objects, friends or family’.

Our eyes become ‘old’ so we do not see ‘the freshness’ around us. Everything can seem boring and repetitive. The person who once excited us or the lovely home that we carefully decorated and furnished has lost its lustre. A new dress is discarded for another new dress that we see as better. Do we need a new dress or a new set of eyes to see the same dress?

Can we lift our eyes up and refresh them?  Snow drops appear in late winter and can gladden our hearts if we allow ourselves to see them or can we bring ourselves to smile at the first daffodils?  How often has someone else had to point out something beautiful that has passed us by like a sunset or a robin on a bare winters’ branch?

If you feel that you have lost the spontaneous joy of seeing the simple things which can gladden the heart or that you are taking someone close to you for granted, not really seeing them, then perhaps a resolve this January to engage fresh eyes might bring a fresh perspective on things and people around you; to try and understand how and why you have lost your ability to lift yourself and also those around you. Life with all its twists and turns can dim the eyes with sadness and doubt, with regret or anger. We ourselves might feel that we have become invisible to those we love. 

If you or someone you know seems to have fallen into the trap of looking at things with ‘old eyes’, dimmed by the wear and tear of life, then perhaps taking some time to talk about and reflect on whatever has caused the sparkle to diminish and the spring in the step to disappear, can help to make the new year different to what has gone by. 

Talking to one of our experienced and supportive counsellors might help to see things with ‘new eyes’, through understanding and making sense of what has caused the light to dim

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