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Most of us, if asked to describe depression, will talk about being sad, gloomy, taking to bed with a duvet over our head or feeling that life holds nothing good for us. We’d be right, but this is only one set of symptoms of depression.

Depression is a debilitating condition that many people struggle with often without recognising the signs. Research shows that at any one time a quarter of the UK population is struggling with a degree of depression.

If you recognise the symptoms and seek help, counselling can usually help you feel better, along with medication if this is advised by your GP. However, many people have developed strategies to override and disguise underlying feelings of low mood and depression in order to cope with life. This can make symptoms harder to recognise. Some of these coping strategies may include always being busy both at home and at work, over-exercising, over-eating resulting in weight-gain or appetite loss leading to weight loss, using alcohol or drugs to escape, etc. If any of this sounds like you, you may benefit from some professional support.

The Depression Clinic at Wings offers a range of individual psychological therapies and group workshops to help when you are feeling low. Sessions are offered for adults, children and adolescents by specifically trained and experienced psychological therapists.