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Slow Down

Slow down

In our world of today there is a great emphasis on efficiency and productivity. Things are results driven, goal orientated …. buzz words that are synonymous with being successful. We are told we need to build up resilience, become more robust or get trampled in the stampede of life.

So not surprising really when we experience overload and get frustrated and angry when things get in the way – road blocks to this high speed highway that life seems to dictate. Do we know when to stop and take stock or do we wait until illness or a relationship beak down derails all our plans and dreams? More importantly do we feel allowed to stop? 

Many things drive us but often just driving ourselves can become addictive. Notice the person at Christmas with the mobile phone and laptop link to the empty office!

Perhaps keeping busy prevents us from thinking of anything else? And we can comfort ourselves that we are doing something valuable like working to support a family etc. But would the family like to see a bit more of us? Do we notice that work or sport or study can become a default place in order to stop ourselves overthinking? Using being busy to push things to the back of our minds until things build up and explode around us or EVEN  within us. 

If you feel that your sleep is being interrupted, or you are becoming more impatient or angry, your appetite is affected or you are feeling more anxious or just plain low, try slowing down and taking stock of things around you. If this feels too difficult to do on your own and you don’t know where to start then perhaps talking to one of our experienced and supportive counsellors might help to bring back some clarity and perspective.

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