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Effect of change on a family system

The effect of change on a family system

Within a family there are several individuals who are growing and changing at any one time.
From the time of a couple meeting to further down the line when one child and then two or more children come along, the family structure needs to be malleable enough to accommodate these changes.

Stir into the mixture bereavements, redundancies, illness, disability, moving home, then perhaps sadly separation or divorce and extended family members being brought into a system and we can see how the whole family system as well as individuals within the system can wobble and start to need to adapt in order to fit in. Often these adaptations become maladaptions in order to cope. For instance needing to put up and shut up; to become extra helpful; to put ones’ own needs aside for the good of the whole; or to bottle up anger or conversely exhibit an inappropriate level of anger. Eating disorders, drug or alcohol abuse etc can become the end result of just trying to cope for the good of the whole.

It does not have to go that far. We often know that there are stresses within the family or one person is struggling to hold it together.

If you feel that cracks are developing within your family either through your relationship with your partner or perhaps someone within the family is starting to struggle, then perhaps an initial appointment to talk this over could help.

At Wings we offer confidential supportive help through individual, couple and family counselling. We also have expert professionals who see children and adolescents and can deal with complex issues including assessments around Asperger’s and autism.

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